This proposal is for the creation of high end content for the promotion of your business in an online space.

As I have come across your brand online, I have recognised that it is a brand that values high quality content for the promotion of your products and collections.

I believe that capturing your product in a high quality fashion is the key to sticking out above your competitors and really allowing your product the space it deserves to live online as a premium product. From that place, you can give it whatever voice you’d want — and I want to help you maintain or create that voice in the best way possible. Telling your authentic brand story!




  • Level up your online content even further.

  • Allow your brand to speak from a premium platform in order to develop an even stronger brand voice.

  • Showcase your upcoming collections and product releases.

  • Continue to raise your overall brand identity.


As it stands, I will be able to carry out work from the 08/04/2019 in Cape Town, Western Cape.

My Commitment

You will have access to my creative asset creation ability in the form of photography and video as well as all my gear. The gear I shoot with is well above the industry standard. Mixed with a strategic outlook, this can be a game changer for your brand.

I will commit to setting up at least 1 lifestyle shoot per week anywhere in the city of Cape Town for you and your brand and deliver the content to you in the fastest amount of time (turn around time is usually 2-3 days). Each shoot should give you enough content for the entire following week.

Should I need to use a model, this might include extra costs which I will add to my invoice at the end of each month, however I will never go ahead with using a paid model without your consent and approval.

Total investment: R3500p/m retainer


    • Photography and/or video (4k resolution)

    • Taking hold of new collection content creation for upcoming releases. Included in cost.


    • If you do not have a social media manager, I’d like to take it from here. Otherwise I am happy to liaise with whoever you use currently.

    • My aim is to see you look as good as you can online, so I take social media and online presence very seriously.

Essentially, I want to help you focus on creating while I take care of making your creations look as good as they can!

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