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If you are needing someone with a solid background in creative execution without any employment strings attached, you might have found the right guy. My name is Stuart Vivier and I’m a multimedia designer.

My offering includes high quality video & 2D motion graphics, photography, graphic design for print and for digital, along with a good amount of interactive media experience such as UI/UX design and HTML understanding, I can assist with any creative brief you might have and implement it with a strategic outlook.

I can manage your communication efforts from the ground up and help build your brand with a clear plan in place with a background in strategic thinking, campaign design and a strong teamwork ethic.

If you like having me on your speed dial and want me to stick around, we can work something out.



My Commitment

You will have access to my creative asset creation ability as well as all my gear. The gear I shoot with is well above the industry standard. Mixed with a strategic outlook, this can be a game changer for your brand. I will commit to working alongside you and assisting the brand’s needs in the areas that you stipulate.

My gear includes:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 (3 x batteries)

  • 35mm F1.4

  • 18-55mm F2.8

  • Macbook Pro

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Entry level studio lighting

Some PAST PHOto & Video WORK




The objective for this campaign, was to ensure that the brand stood out as much as possible in a saturated retail environment. With the launch into the South African market, the client required us to keep to their brand guidelines as well as pushing the boundaries to ensure that the objective was achieved.

Research in the retail environment shows that the use of copy heavy advertising is not conducive to attracting a shoppers attention in a retail space, there needs to be a hook to grab the consumers attention and with that in mind and the base of what we worked off, we were able came up with the direction of big and flashy visual graphics in order to grab the shoppers attention by using the brand’s already quite ‘loud’ brand identity. Then allow a sleek and well designed visual execution to draw them in and get them over the line of making a purchase.

The client also wanted to drive mixability of their product as the G&T craze was on the rise and it felt natural for the brand to stock the unit with not only the Beefeater product but with mixability options as well.

Both elements were executed myself.

FSU Cladding - Beefeater-01.jpg


As Soweto Gold was entering into the Kwa-Zulu Natal market, they needed to create awareness within the province. The aim was to take the essence of the brand and their very strong ‘Soweto’ sway and translate that into a local market such as Kwa-Zulu Natal (and could be applied to where ever they chose to break into.)

We chose to use their claim of “born Ekasi” which is a phrase known by those who come from the Soweto township (that translates into “born in community”) and hone in on the aspect of community.

We localised the on screen content all the way down to the store it was in and spoke directly to that COMMUNITY. We spanned this effort over 30 stores in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The unit as a whole communicated the brand in a consistent way.

All elements were executed myself.

GE Cladding - Soweto Gold-01.jpg

*please see my showreel in the section above for more examples of campaigns such as these two.



    Unlimited edited images

    120 minute shoot

    R4400 (excluding models if necessary)

    *subject to scope of project


    3 x 15 - 30 second social media edits

    120 minute shoot

    R5500 (excluding models if necessary)

    *subject to scope of project

Should you require any other form of content creation such as motion graphics or graphic design, please drop me an email with the full scope of your project needs and I will send you an estimate over and above what is listed here.

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