This proposal is for the strategic creation of social media content and management for Lifechangers Church. This is for a monthly retainer which you have full rights to negotiate upon and change where you feel fit. This is just a guideline of what I would expect the service is worth in regards to time spent on a monthly basis and expertise.

If a retainer is not what you are after, then I’d love the opportunity to simply work on a project by project base, which can be discussed whenever you are ready. Rates TBC.



Creative Goals

  • First and foremost, broadcast Jesus. He is the center.

  • Make His word known throughout the local community through the platforms they use the most. The mission is to take content that is spoken in community and make it known and accessible to those searching for a community.

  • Highlight Jesus and really push into making Lifechangers use the voice that it has.

  • Standardise the Lifechangers look and feel to become recognizable in the community and beyond.

  • Level up the brands content to the highest possible quality and position it as a church that takes pride in communicating in the best way possible online.

  • Grow social media influence on any relevant platform.

  • Unlock avenues for Lifechangers to communicate in different ways to its community and beyond. Working together towards making His name known.

My initial thoughts

I love Lifechangers. I was a part of it for a time and coming back has really re-ignited that passion for the church and it’s community. I believe that it has a voice that is worth making known and the words of Lifechangers being the best church FOR the city really rings true and I believe churches can be good for their city in so many ways. I see churches use social media to not only broadcast what happens on a Sunday but also as a ministry tool to allow the voice of the church to move across borders.

My Commitment

You will have access to my creative asset creation ability in the form of photography, video and graphic design as well as all my gear. The gear I shoot with is well above the industry standard. Mixed with a strategic outlook, this can be a game changer for social media efforts and marketing (for lack of a better word). I will commit to working alongside you. It will not be a full-time position. I will be at any meetings I am required to be at and available for meetings at any time.

Gear includes:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 (3 x batteries)

  • 35mm F2.0

  • 18-55mm F2.8

  • Macbook Pro

  • Full Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Entry level studio lighting


As it stands, I am available to begin work immediately. I am based in Cape Town and can travel wherever I am needed.

Work examples


Monthly retainer = R5500 p/m (negotiable)

  • Weekly social media posts

  • Monthly relevant video content

  • Graphic design input

  • Any major promotional video or photography needed for series / events

edward-cisneros-408848-unsplash copy.jpg