Josh & Savanna - Couple

These two were an absolute dream! Josh Wantie and Savanna Daykin got in front of the camera on the 30th of July in 2016 and still remains a highlight for me. 


The early morning shoot started on Mahatma Ghandi road (point road) outside and behind a local favourite spot called The Chairman which served as the perfect urban feel for this shoot. Me and the couple ended up walking around quite a bit until we found the perfect spots for each shot and they did not disappoint. Josh and Savanna, not being afraid of a camera, absolutely nailed this shoot and the results speak for themselves! 


It was also an opportunity to test out a newly purchased second hand Fujifilm X-Pro1 mounted with the absolutely beautiful 35mm F2.0 Fuji lens. To say that this thing likes to shoot in out of the ordinary conditions is an understatement as I pushed the camera pretty hard in the low light of the early morning to the hard sunlight that came over the bluff a couple minutes into the shoot. If you haven’t checked this camera out yet, be sure to do so! You can get them second hand for quite a steal if you look hard enough and they’ll be good cameras for when you’re just in the mood to shoot. However I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything professional that requires a fast “workhorse” type camera. Serves well as a second camera! 


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