Storm & Pete Langley - Wedding

Venue: Orchards Wedding Venue

Hair & Make-up: Mothworks

Videography: Tessa Brown


Storm and Pete celebrated their marriage at the always incredible, Orchards Wedding Venue in the midlands, South Africa. I've known Storm for quite a while so this was definitely going to be a special one for me!

The days weather was really inconsistent with a rather big storm that rolled in during the ceremony and again minutes after the creative shoot, which left the couple running in completely soaked, which is every wedding photographers / videographers / planners worst nightmare! it did, however, make for some really unique shots in the end and luckily enough it only rained while we were inside. With the sun peaking through some really thick clouds, the results were quite moody -- which I loved!

To all photographers: If you ever find yourself shooting at Orchards, you'll definitely walk around a little bit on the venue's property to find some really different locations to shoot if the couple is not open to go off site for their creative shoot. That being said, the venue does have some really nice areas to utilize such a big blue door (which is actually used for an outdoor ceremony) down below the indoor ceremony area,  a rustic type shed -- which I'm sure many photographers have used before and there is also quite a nice looking stream that runs past the bottom of the venue which can be used as a backdrop if you catch the water on a good day and it isn't really brown from the sediment running through from recent rain fall. There are a lot of little gems around which are perfect for the creative shoot but I'd suggest going somewhere off site if you're looking for something really unique!

All in all it turned out to be a really great day and I'm really happy with the results!

Congratulations on your marriage, Storm & Pete Langley!