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This proposal is for the strategic creation of social media content and management for Vosk Shoes. This is for a monthly retainer at a reduced rate for the first 5 months in order to grow along side the brand as the brand becomes more financially sufficient. This is with the knowledge of you purpusing to set up production in South Africa (VERY exciting for you guys!)

Here I will lay out a 6 month plan which you have full rights to negotiate upon and change where you feel fit. This is just a guideline of what I would expect the service is worth in regards to time spent on a monthly basis and expertise.

If a retainer is not what you are after, then I’d love the opportunity to simply work on a project by project base, which can be discussed whenever you are ready.


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Creative Goals

  • Continue to enforce Vosk Shoes’ visual language that stands out online using creative content in the form of strategic use of photography and video.

  • Standardise the brands look and feel to become recognizable in the industry and to consumers.

  • Level up the brands content to the highest possible quality and position it as a competitive player in the market.

  • Grow social media following on any relevant platform.

  • Highlight your benefits and really push into making your brand use the voice that it has.

  • Unlock avenues for your brand and bring your brand into a spacious place where it can own its initiative. It’s not purely a product based brand and I believe that is your biggest selling point.

  • Grow awareness to both the brand and the initiative it stands for.

My initial thoughts

I think Vosk is phenomenal. I love the brand and I love what it stands for. Looking through your social media and your online platform, I found myself wanting to get a pair just because of the story. So I went and asked around what peoples thoughts were. There is a big sway towards people questioning the quality of the product, which seems to be a big mindset for those purchasing anything with an initiative behind it. Which off the bat, is something I’d tackle. Education on the brand would be amazing, showing consumers exactly what it is that they’re getting and showing what it is that Vosk stands for. I’d do this with interviews, photography campaigns and social media awareness.

Awareness is a big deal to a brand of this nature and I’d be excited to keep you on the track of exposure and widening the capabilities of the brand.

My Commitment

You will have access to my creative asset creation ability in the form of photography and video as well as all my gear. The gear I shoot with is well above the industry standard. Mixed with a strategic outlook, this can be a game changer for your brand. I will commit to working alongside you and assisting the brands growth in the areas you want it to grow with regards to its marketing efforts.

Gear includes:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 (3 x batteries)

  • 35mm F2.0

  • 18-55mm F2.8

  • Macbook Pro

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Entry level studio lighting


As it stands, I am available to begin work immediately. I am based in Cape Town and can travel wherever I am needed.


(6 month growth plan)

Month 1 + 2

  • 1 x image social media posts per week

  • Taking over the content creation process with regards to images and begin to develop the brands visual language online

  • Excludes video

    R500 p/m + 1 pair of Vosk shoes (will be used for content creation)

Month 3 + 4

  • 2 x image social media posts per week

  • 1 x Monthly video

  • Moving into both images and video

  • This is still at a discounted rate

  • R2800 p/m

Month 5

  • 3 x image social media posts per week

  • 2 x Monthly videos

  • Retaining visual language and content quality

R3500 p/m

Month 6

  • 3 x image social media posts per week

  • 2 x Monthly videos (or something similar)

  • Retaining visual language and content quality

  • Explore sponsored adverts online and focus heavily going forward on growth of social media following and influence

  • Discount removed

R5000 p/m going forward

*Please note, that any use of models will be an added cost and will be confirmed by you before any arrangements are made. Communication is a big value for me and I’d never go ahead with something without checking with you first.

* Any new products will need to be supplied for content creation.

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